English Corner

This is english corner!! i made this to accommodate every english homework that my teacher gave to me..


English Homework page 11

Sorry if i have a very bad english skill.

Every morning at 7:30 AM mr.Ari’s family is in the kitchen. Ari’s wife always sit on her beloved chair, and she always read morning newspaper there. She doesn’t like to read magazine. She is a good housewife. Mr. Ari always make a cup of  coffee every morning, and sometimes he drink two cup of coffee before he go to work. He work as Garuda Indonesia pilot in Jakarta. He was always chosen to be the best Pilot every year.

Every morning there was a cartoon on TV, but the childrens doesn’t watch that. They like to play with the toy they have. But sometimes they watch the morning cartoon. Their school not far away from their house, That’s why they always ride bikes to go to school.

Sorry if i have a very bad english skill.

7 English tenses exercise!!

  • Simple Present Tenses:
  1. The teacher teaches the students every day.
  2. Mr. Wahyu goes to the office.
  3. The dancer dances in the hall.
  4. Water flows from the higher to the lower.
  5. My mom doesn’t go to the market.
  6. Ramza, Razan and Rajni study together.
  7. Doctor checks the patients twice a day.
  • Present Continuous Tenses:
  1. Who sitting next to your boss?
  2. The students is working.
  3. We are not planning a trip to Thailand during rainy season.
  4. I am staying at the hotel until the end of this month.
  5. My friend is looking for Human Resources jobs in Jakarta.
  6. Surprisingly, he is being very patient and helpful to everyone.
  7. The sun is shining brightly today.
  • Present Perfect Tenses:
  1. Has Mahesa been to New Zealand?
  2. Have you ever seen the beautiful desert scenery?
  3. My cousin has worked as medical assistent for almost a year.
  4. I have read the terms and conditions.
  5. Julie as well as her sister has used organic products for skin care since January.
  6. Someone have left the letter on your desk.
  7. How much have you spent for clothes that you never wear?
  • Simple Past Tenses:
  1. Sometimes i puts my head under the water when i swam in the ocean.
  2. You wouldn’t regret if you joined the community.
  3. The woman had already left when her friends come.
  4. Did the tour participants see the sunrise this morning?
  5. He was sleeping when you called him last night.
  6. It wasn’t her who took money from your wallet.
  7. They made mistakes because they didn’t follow the guidlines.
  • Past Continuous Tense:
  1. My sister and I were walking on the beach at 5 pm last week.
  2. At 7 this morning he was eating breakfast with his kids.
  3. He was taking a bath when you knocked on the door.
  4. Who was driving the car when it crashed?
  5. Where were you meeting your client at 10 o’clock yesterday?
  6. Someone tried to steal her phone while she was queuing for a railway ticket.
  7. Were the students watching the video during class?
  • Past Perfect Tenses:
  1. He told that he had removed all the files in the directory.
  2. Never had i tasted such delicious pies before visiting the bakery.
  3. When he arrived at the station, the train had left.
  4. Had the room been brighter before the participants came?
  5. How many times had you worn the clothes before the fault occured?
  6. Prior to the meeting, the room had been cleaned and prepared.
  7. Reza had already heard about her before they met.
  • Simple Future Tenses:
  1. Tomorrow will be cloudy.
  2. Your parents will be happier If you visit your parents at least once a week.
  3. She is getting married in January 2014.
  4. There will be no drastic changes at the company in 2015.
  5. Watch carefully. I will show you how to boost your computer’s speed.
  6. What will I learn in Civil Engineering?
  7. When you read this letter, I will be 1,000 miles away from our city.

Exercise Source: http://www.worldsmile.com


Live In & Expedition

  • Procedure text

Here im gonna show you about what kind of tool i bring when im on Harapan Island and Bira Island, and maybe some tips and trick about how to pack your equipment in your carrier or backpack.

First.. this is the image of letter what equipment you have to pack to your backpack.

Thats the image of what tool or equipment you have pack to yor backpack, there are camp equipment, cooking equipment (stove, knife, etc.), Live in equipment (Contribution Project tool, documentation tool, shirt, sandal, hat, etc.), Expediton Equipment / Outdoor Equipment (Carrier / backpack, Shirt and Pants, etc.), Eat Equipment (Spoon, Plate, etc.), Sleep Equipment (sleeping bag, Jacket, etc.), Pray equipment (Al-Qur’an, Al-matsurat, etc.), and the last is personal medical devices.

Before you take a trip / expedition, you have to keep your body still healthy.. like run 1 hour per day, or eat healthy food, or something like that, and then you must ensure that you’ve already bring all the equipment.

When you’re in a trip you must keep your body healthy so dont be sick, why? because when you’re in a trip.. and then you sick, that’s gonna broke all your trip.

After you come home.. day 1 after the trip, you should take a break from hard activity like running, play football, or something like that.. but dont just lie down on your bed, and take a nap whole day, it just make your body stiff. day 2 after the trip.. start running at morning, just 30 minute cause your body maybe not ready for 1 hour running.

Im gonna give you some tips and trick how to pack all your tool / equipment to your backpack.

  1. First step is..

Backpack 1 Put the most useless tool / equipment like shirt, pants, sleeping bag, etc. in the bottom of your backpack. Why in the bottom? because when you put useless thing on the top of the other tool that you use more (like drinking bottle), its hard to put useless thing out of your backpack, and then put it again in your backpack.

2. Second step is..

Backpack 2Put used thing like food, cooking tool, Food, jacket, etc. in the mid of your bacpack.

3. Third step is..

Backpack 3And the last step is.. put the most used things in top of your backpack like drinking bottle, hat, snack, etc. put a tool / thing / equipment that you gonna use it very often. If your bacpack have a pocket on left, right, top.. put little thing like almatsurat, extra batteries for your flashlight, etc. in it.

Conclusion / Hikmah (in indonesia, i dont know what himah in english :v) that i got from live in and expedition is.. Dont lazy to catch your dream, however high your dream is, because thats not enough reason in this world for you to give up to your dream.

  • Descriptive text

Im gonna describe to you, about Harapan & Bira Island, The Family that i live in their house as detail as possible.. but i think i can’t describe it too detail cause i dont know much about kepulauan seribu.__. , and im gonna show you some picture of environment on kepulauan seribu.

The Islands – Harapan Island

Harapan island is one of kepulauan seribu island, harapan island and kelapa island.. united by a stone bridge, i dont know its made by human hand or by nature. soo many house there… thats why they said they need more space because too many people live there, and need more house. People who live in Harapan Island are very friendly, most of people who live in Harapan island work as fisherman, Harapan island is a big island, maybe.. most of people who live in kepulan seribu live on harapan island (and kelapa island, because kelapa island and harapan island is once), when we went in harapan island.. there is no rain, maybe its because the weather is not on rainy. most Beach in harapan island not as beautifull as the other island.. maybe its because too many people live in harapan island.. but.. although many people live there, the environment like the sea is very clean and clear! we can see the bottom of the sea, some coral and fish, etc. this is the description of harapan island.. maybe its not detail.. and im sorry i had a very bad english skill.

The Islands – Bira Island

Bira island is very different from harapan island, people who live in this island just 1 family, maybe 7 people or less or more, but.. bira island more veautifull than harapan island, the environment very beautiful, the forest.. the sea.. the beach.. mangrove tree, etc. there is more coral and fish than in harapan island. From the story i got from mr. suhepi (my father name when i live in harapan island).. long time ago bira island was a very crowded island, there are golf field every where, lake in the middle of the island, soo many cottage that people from other countries live in it, a swimming pool, etc. but when the owner of bira island replaced by a manufactory that i forgot the name, this island is ignored and neglected, and then less people who want to live in bira island because the environment is not good (good for rich man maybe :v), tree, weeds, and tall grass everywhere, less light. But the sea are still beautiful and amazing. Bira island is not a very big island.. you can walk rounded this island just an hour.

The Family – Mr. Suhepi Family

When i live in Harapan island, im not make a camp.. but i live in one of people who live in harapan island, first i met mr. Suhepi when im in KEMENHUT office, (maybe i will call mr.suhepi as pak suhepi :v) pak Suhepi have 3 child.. the oldest children already college in jakarta, second child already high school (some kind of pesantren maybe), and the youngest child still 6th grade school, im forgot the name of the first and the second pak suhepi child name, but the youngest child name is Syifa. pak Suhepi wife is bu Ani.. pak suhepi family is a very friendly family, as i know.. pak suhepi came from Bira Island.. but bu Ani came from Tasikmalaya. theres many thing that maybe i know about the family.. but maybe im not gonna write it here. pak Suhepi family very often to take care of their nephew.. named sofy / sophie. Sofy age s just 6 or 5 maybe. Maybe just that the description of the family.. i know thats not detail..

  • Recount Text

First.. im sorry about my english skill, cause i know my skill is too bad too realize(?), and my grammar, my tenses too.


At 27 – 30 april 2014, me and all of my 2nd grade junior highschool was going to Live In and Expedition in Kepulauan Seribu. At 18.00 i went to the train station using my car, after we lost for 30 minute :v.. we already in the train station with almost all of 2nd junior highschool student and the teacher too. After 30-45 minute for opening.. we went to the train by walking, it was 19.30 when we already in the train. After 1 hour past 30 minute or 2 hour.. we arrive in jakarta, we use “Angkot” to went to Muara Angke, When we already arrived at Muara Angke.. we went to the Mosque and slept at the mosque for 1 night. At the morning.. After we prayed, we form a line and ready to go to the ship. We went to the ship by walking.. we use ship for 3-4 hour to get to harapan island, After we get to Harapan Island.. we walked to KEMENHUT office to eat. After that we got into KEMENHUT office to talk about our family as long as we are on harapan island, 1 1/2 – 2 hour we talk about our family and deal about who came with this family. Day 1 in Harapan Island we spend with took a conversation with pak hepi family, and then we prayed dzuhur, ashar, maghrib, and isya, and we eat in pak hepi house, and last to close our day 1 on Harapan Island.. we slept in pak hepi house. Day 2 on Harapan Island we woke up in the morning at 5 am.. we went to the mosque to pray (sholat subuh), after we prayed.. we back to pak hepi’s house to eat breakfast, pak hepi said we went to the fish cage at 9 or 10 am because pak hepi’s boat is to close to the beach so we must wait for high tide. at 9.30 we went to fish cage using pak suhepi’s boat.. it’s not long to got to pak suhepi’s fish cage.. just need 5-10 minute from the beach. After we “help” :v pak suhepi on fish cage, we’ve been diving for a while.. to refresh our energy. We came home at 11.30.. after we arrived in home, we took a bath one by one cause there just only 1 bathroom, after all already took a bath.. we eat rice and fish, when adzan echoed.. we walked to mosque to pray dzuhur, after we prayed we walked back to house to took a little rest.. or maybe some sleep. After we slept for an hour (maybe 1 or 2 hour) adzan ashar was echoed.. and we ready to go to the mosque. After that we back to the house to took some bath and eat some dinner. After that.. adzan maghrib was echoed, we walked to the musholla to pray, After we prayed.. we went to KEMENHUT office to talked about evaluation about day 2 on Harapan Island. We finished at 10 0′ clock (maybe) and we came back to our home to took some sleep. Day 3 on Harapan Island we oversleeped :v we woke up late.. that’s why in day 3 on Harapan Island we’ve not pray shalat subuh with the leader of the pray (imam). After we arrived at home.. pak suhepi said he want to went fishing on the sea to caught some fish, and will came back home at 10 0′ clock. At 11.30 am pak suhepi still not arrived.. pak hepi arrived at home at 11.55 am.. and we cant went to fish cage because after dzuhur there’s a  program in the office.. maybe it took 4 or 5 hour. After dzuhur we went to the office to talked about contribution project and gave something to orphanage. And then we pray ashar, maghrib, and isya before we sleep. Day 4 we went to Bira Island using ship, after that we made a tent, and then we’ve been gone walking around bira island for 2 hous maybe, after that we cooked our food supply and then we prayed (sholat dzuhur). We went to mangrove spot to plant some mangrove seed. After that we took some bath and then cooked again for dinner,  and then we prayed (sholat ashar). At 18.00 we’ve been ready to prayed maghrib.. after we prayed we read al-matsurat and pak nathiq give us some discourse.. and when adzan isya echoed we’ve been ready for it because we standby on the place. We made a circle to evaluating our activity.. and then we’ve went to tent and then slept. Day 5.. after we prayed and read al-matsurat, we cooked our food supply for breakfast, and then we all run and push up, pull up, etc. After that we dive all daylight full.. and then free activity for 4-5 hour. After we’ve knocked down the tent.. we’ve take some wudhu and then we’ve pray. As usually.. we all slept after evaluation, but before evaluation.. there is a special activity or we usually call it PERFORMANCE. Day 4 we back to Bogor use sea transportation like ship, and ground transportation like “angkot” and train.


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